Daycare at Dogism.

For those dogs with a little more energy than us or those who do not approve of being left home alone, daycare may be a solution.

“Every dog must have his day“. – Jonathan Swift

A tired dog is a good dog, we can all agree. For those dogs with a little more energy than us or those who do not approve of being left home alone, daycare may be a solution. Daycare at Dogism is not quite like everywhere else. We limit the number of dogs in our care to ensure safety and quality attention for each dog. Your dog’s day will not be a mad, free for all, chaotic romp. Trained staff will supervise and provide individualized attention. We learn which dogs love a tennis ball and where their favorite place to be scratched is. Structure is also a part of your dog’s day. There will be at least one mandatory rest time during mid day. If a dog is asking for additional rest time, we will be sure he/she gets it. Basic training will be used during transitions from inside to outside and play area to rest area. Special treat stop times will give dogs an opportunity to show off their stuff for a tasty bite or special toy.


Daycare hours are Monday – Friday, 7am to 7pm.

Dogs are separated by size.  Before starting daycare, a behavioral evaluation is required.  Evaluations are performed by appointment.  Please call to schedule. We ask that you stick around (out of sight) for 15-20 minutes and then leave the dog with us for a few hours.

Dogs should be fully vaccinated and reliably housebroken before starting day care.  Dogs over 6 months must be spayed or neutered.


If your schedule simply does not allow for training classes, we will train your dog while she is at daycare and catch you up at the end of the day for at- home practice.

Meals will be fed upon request, please supply the food.

In order to maintain safety and structure, we ask that you commit to bring your dog to daycare at least once a week. Since space is limited, advanced notice may be required.  At no time will dogs be left unattended!



5 day pre-purchase: $125

10 day pre-purchase: $252 (10% off + 1 free day!)                                   

20 day pre-purchase: $476 (15% off + 2 days free!)

By the Day – $28

    Evaluation days are charged the daily rate unless package is purchased.


*We are currently not assessing big dogs.  Please contact us to be put on our waiting list*


Agility Courses

We call it, Fungility. A little something for everyone, whether you are new to the sport or champions in the ring.


Retail Services

Premium food, treats and toys (the important things to your dog). Stylish and functional accessories to fit your personality or needs.


DIY Bathing Tubs

Raised grooming tubs save you back pain and clean up.



From intermediate to advanced, our training programs are guaranteed to impress.

Dogism is everything your dog needs to become your loyal buddy.