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From puppies to adult dogs, we have a class for you.
Dog Training at Dogism

“Properly trained, a man can be a dog’s best friend.” ~ Corey Ford

We understand that your life is busy and complicated enough. We want dog time to be fun and easy. We strongly believe in keeping it simple when it comes to life with a dog. Our multi-service training facility is here to help you achieve that simplicity.

Advanced registration is suggested for most classes. Check out the calendar tab for times and dates. Give us a call or send us an email (you can use any of the contact links on any page) and we will supply you with everything you need to know before coming to class. But just in case you want to pop in at the last minute, we always need a copy of your dogs shot records, a regular 5′ or 6′ leash (no retractables please) and we suggest you wear comfortable shoes. Your dog suggests you bring some soft and yummy training treats as well!
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AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy




If you think dog tricks are all about jumping through hoops or playing dead, you don’t know our dogs! Our tricks classes are based on the Do More With Your Dog and AKC Trick Dog programs. Tricks are a wonderful bonding activity for owner and dog as well as good mental stimulation for the dog. Learn tricks for fun or work towards different levels of titles. Everyone, even the dog, takes a bow at the end of these classes.

Fun fur Noses (nosework)

Sort of like canine nose work, but not.  Fun fur Noses is designed to allow dogs to use their nose to find hidden odor.  We are using bay leaves in this class.  A small container with bay leaf will be hidden and your dog will learn to follow the scent and indicate where the odor is.  We will have a variety of hidden locations and props to help keep your dog challenged.  We recommend you begin with the 4 week Intro class so we can properly prepare your dog for searching the correct odor.  Once you have taken the Intro class you can have fun in the Fun Fur Noses 6 week classes when they are offered.  These classes will be offered on Sunday and Monday.  Please see the online calendar or contact us for the exact start dates.  You will see FfN on the calendar.  Intro class $85   Fun fur Noses $150


*This environment may not be appropriate for dogs who are reactive to others.  Please call and chat with us if you have any questions regarding your dogs behavior.*

Senior Dog Enrichment

Specifically for our grey muzzle friends, this class offers mental stimulation for our senior dogs who may not be able to physically get out as much as they used to.  Enrichments will vary, ranging from puzzle toys and treat searches to scent boxes and easily navigated physical obstacles.

This is NOT considered physical therapy.  If you are unsure about your dogs ability to participate, please consult your veterinarian.



From time to time we will offer training and seminars on specific needs or fun topics. Keep checking back for what’s new!

Leash pulling and heeling seminar – date TBD
Pulling on the leash and erratic walking is a common issue. This seminar will focus on techniques to reduce leash pulling and ways of having a more controlled walk when necessary.

Kids and Kanines – date TBD
Kids and dogs can be the best of friends. However, sometimes young ones do not fully understand that dogs speak a slightly different language then we do. This seminar will help children understand doggy body language and how to act around dogs they know and dogs they do not know.


Continuous classes are held every week and are designed to allow anyone to start at any time (preregistration may be required. Please check if you are unsure).

Session classes are a 6 week session with a break before the start of a new 6 week session.  The sessions can still be started at any time.  However there may be a break before you finish all 6 weeks.


Agility Courses

We call it, Fungility. A little something for everyone, whether you are new to the sport or champions in the ring.


Retail Services

Premium food, treats and toys (the important things to your dog). Stylish and functional accessories to fit your personality or needs.


DIY Bathing Tubs

Raised grooming tubs save you back pain and clean up.



From intermediate to advanced, our training programs are guaranteed to impress.

Dogism is everything your dog needs to become your loyal buddy.